3.7. Accessing PivotX data

All data in PivotX should be accessed via the global variable $PIVOTX. That variable contains pointers to all objects/class instances that you need. The most important are:

$PIVOTX['config']     -> a Config instance  
$PIVOTX['db']         -> a db instance  
$PIVOTX['pages']      -> a Pages instance  
$PIVOTX['users']      -> a Users instance  
$PIVOTX['weblogs']    -> a Weblogs instance  
$PIVOTX['categories'] -> a Categories instance  
$PIVOTX['multisite']  -> a MultiSite instance  
$PIVOTX['session']    -> a Session instance

Each class defines methods to fetch, update and query the associated data:

In addition there is


which is an array containing all paths - file system and URLs - used/needed by PivotX.

Class documentation

Instead of maintaining a list of all methods (in each class) and their signature, please read the always up-to-date class documentation:

Access the complete generated documentation as PHPdoc or PHPXref (for trunk and the current stable branch).