1.9.5. Working with feeds

PivotX automatically generates feeds for your weblog(s) if you enable it in the "XML feeds" tab in the weblog configuration. This will also insert the necessary auto-discovery tags in the HTML header. In addition you can use [[rssbutton]] and/or [[atombutton]] in your templates to insert explicit links to your feeds.

If you want a custom feed, you need to read about feed URLs below.

Feed URLs

All feed URLs are starting with selecting the feed type - "rss" or "atom":


Then you can select which category, weblog or author to display content from


Then you can select how many items to include - the default is 10:


Finally, the default content to display is entries, but if you want comments you can add "&comm" to the end the feed URL.


will display all the latest comments for the site or the comments for an entry.

You can also combine the parameters for example to select entries by an author and in a specific category...

PS! Don't forget to replace "&" with "&" in the URLs to get valid HTML. And, if you have renamed your index.php to something else, you must update the URLs above.