1.9.1 Working with Themes

A theme is a directory that contains templates (with .html or .tpl extension), a stylesheet and an image directory (if the theme has any images).

The PivotX template system is very flexible. You can add different templates to pages, weblogs, entrypages, archives and search pages. For instance, you can assign a standard template to all pages in the weblogs section but you can also assign a different template to each individual page in the page editor.

PivotX comes with four standard themes. Themes can be found in the templates directory within the PivotX directory: pivotx > templates.


A theme contains all files that define the look of your website. PivotX also uses some templates of it's own: a standard 404 error page, templates for the RSS and ATOM output and the comment form and a file called pivotx_essentials.css. PivotX needs this file for the markup of the standard elements, like the search box and the comment forms.

PivotX template structure

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