1.8 Adding and administering Users

This is a first draft.

Adding and administering of Users can be done through the Dashboard (Administration / Users).
Adding a new user is quite straightforward. The userlevel needs some more explanation.

The regular userlevels possible are:

  1. Normal
  2. Advanced
  3. Administrator
  4. Superadmin

What can each userlevel do?

In general every userlevel can do the same as the userlevel that is lower in level.

  1. Normal
    View entries/pages
    Write entries in user assigned categories (selected per user) and pages in any chapter
    Delete own entries/pages
    Comments (can only view overview?)

  2. Advanced
    Manage media (images only)
    Edit/delete comments
    Edit/delete entries/pages of lower level users

  3. Administrator
    Install/manage extensions and widgets
    Create categories/weblogs/chapters
    Manage all media
    Create/delete users of lower level
    Edit registered visitors

  4. Superadmin
    Receive notification on registered visitors (only the first superadmin alphabetically)
    Change author and last edited
    Can use all existing categories
    Create/delete users at all levels

Special userlevels

There are 2 special userlevels:

  1. Moblogger
    Meant for user(s) when you activate Moblogging.
    Nothing can be done directly? Gets logged out automatically?
  2. Inactive
    Can be used to (temporarily) disable an existing user.