1.14 Using Apache's mod_rewrite

Apache's mod_rewrite module provides a rule-based rewriting engine to rewrite requested URLs on the fly. This means that you will see nice (non-crufty) URLs like


and Apache will rewrite (translate) it into the URL


which is in a format that PivotX knows how to parse. In other words, if mod_rewrite is enabled, it allows for

PivotX generates nice URLs if you turn on the 'Use mod rewrite' option in the PivotX configuration screen.

To use Apache mod_rewrite you need to:

  1. rename the example.htaccess file to .htaccess. Note that the filename starts with a dot (on Windows this could be a problem - alternatively you can open the file in Notepad and save it with a new name);

  2. go to the configuration screen and turn on the 'Use mod rewrite' option in PivotX and choose an option that suits you;

  3. visit your PivotX website and confirm that the clean (non-crufty) URLs work.

If the clean URLs don't work it may be that your server doesn't support mod_rewrite. You should check your phpinfo and search for mod_rewrite to see if it is enabled.