1.13 MetaWeblog API (XML/RPC)

PivotX has a MetaWeblog API, so it supports XMLRPC MetaWeblog. XMLRPC clients include desktop blogging clients such as WBloggar, as well as online services such as Flickr. Currently, it is only capable of creating, modifying and deleting posts. Administrative and media functions must be performed from PivotX's web-based administration panel.


In your XMLRPC client, enter the URL to metaweblog.php (i.e. example.org/pivotx/metaweblog.php) as the 'endpoint'. If your client asks for a 'Blog ID' (or 'Site ID'), enter a case-sensitive blog name; use my_weblog if you are using the initial/default weblog. If your XMLRPC client supports Really Simple Discovery (RSD), i.e. Flock, just use the the front page of your blog as the 'endpoint'. (Clients that support RSD, normally just ask for a blog's front page/URL.)


Normally all the text you post with your client is ending up in the introduction. If you want to split the text in two so the last part ends up in the body, just insert the word 'PIVOTX_BODY' (on a single line if you prefer) between the two parts.

If you want to tag the entry you post, just use normal tt template tags in the text.

Supported Clients

This list isn't exhaustive - please notify us of any other clients that you have used successfully.


Known Issues