1.12 Moblogging

PivotX supports posting entries with your cell phone (or by e-mail in general). First, you set up a new e-mail address just for moblogging. -The choice of mail provider is up to you. Then you edit the Moblogging options in the PivotX configuration; as a minimum you must set the mail server and username and password (for the newly created e-mail address). You are now ready to post entries with your cell phone - PivotX's scheduler will automatically check the mail server for new messages every 10 minutes (as long as any of your pages are visited).

Note: You can run the scheduler manually by visiting example.org/pivotx/scheduler.php in your browser. You can modify the scheduler frequency inside the file scheduler.php.

Creating a new e-mail address may sound difficult, but for example you could use Gmail: After creating a new Gmail account, just remember to set the mail server to "pop.gmail.com" and the "Use the IMAP extension" option to "POP3S" in the Gmail settings.

Handling the e-mail

This is how PivotX converts an e-mail message to an entry:

  1. The e-mail subject becomes the entry title.
  2. The entry user/author and category is taken from the PivotX configuration.
  3. The e-mail text is assigned to the entry introduction after all unwanted content is skipped (as defined by modules/moblog/known_providers.php).
  4. Any image attachments are saved and image links are added to the entry introduction.

The entry body is empty.

To better control the resulting entry, you can use keywords in the e-mail text. The format is "keyword: some text" on a single line. The following keywords are understood:

Advanced/hidden configuration

Some moblogging options aren't available through the standard configuration screen but you can set them in the advanced configuration. The options are:

What to do if it doesn't work

In case it doesn't work, there are a few things to check:

Supported Phones

Moblogging works best with any modern phones that allows sending email over the internet. You can either send mail directly to the address you've created, or use a tool like Shozu or Pixelpipe to handle sending the mail.