1.11 Blocking Spam

PivotX has two built-in anti-spam tools available. The Spam protection is disabled by default but if you allow commenting on your website enabling spam protection is good practice.

You can configure your spam protection in PivotX/Administration/Maintenance/Spam Protection/Spam Configuration


2 HashCash

HashCash is the most powerful, completely invisible spam protection available. The good thing is that HashCash works nearly perfect without bothering your visitors but it requires Javascript to be enabled on the client side. If this is unacceptable for you then don't enable it.


To enable HashCash, just check the 'Use HashCash' checkbox.

Also you can set the number of hyperlinks users are allowed to post within a comment. Type 0 for unlimited number of hyperlinks. Default is set to 3.


Before posting a comment, your users have to answer a simple question to which every human visitor will know the answer. This completely baffles automated spam bots because every blog owner will create a different spamquiz.


To enable Spamquiz, check the 'Use Spamquiz' checkbox.

Configuring Spamquiz

In the Question field, type a question, like '1 + 1 =' or 'Is fire hot or cold?'.

Type the correct answer in the Answer field, like '2' or 'hot'.

The Age field determines when the spamquiz will be activated. Example: If you set age to 7, Spamquiz will only be activated for entries older than 7 days.

You have to explain the spamquiz to your users. Type your explanation in the Explanation field like 'Just checking if you are human to prevent comment spam'