PivotX Documentation

Part 1: Using PivotX

  1. Welcome / About PivotX
  2. Getting the Files & Installing
  3. Setting up the first user
  4. Using PivotX at a glance
    1. Writing Entries and Pages
    2. Setting a different Theme
    3. Changing your preferences
    4. Advanced Settings
    5. Data structure of PivotX
  5. Writing Entries and Pages in detail
  6. Managing Files and Images
  7. Working with Categories
  8. Adding and administering Users
  9. Weblogs in detail
    1. Working with Themes
    2. Changing the settings of a theme/weblog
    3. Working with comments and trackbacks
    4. Getting your feet wet with Templates
    5. Working with Feeds
  10. Working with Extensions
  11. Blocking Spam
  12. Moblogging
  13. MetaWeblog API (XML/RPC)
  14. Using Apache's mod_rewrite
  15. Running multiple websites in one PivotX installation

Part-2:Modifying Templates and Developing websites with PivotX

  1. How templates work
  2. Learning by example: Picking apart the 'bare bones' templates.
  3. The different templates, and what they do
    1. Templates for Weblogs / Entries
    2. Templates for Pages
    3. Special templates
  4. Template Tags
    1. Common tags, and how to use them
    2. Working with dates
  5. Examples in detail (Cases)
    1. Setting up multiple Weblogs
    2. Using PivotX as a CMS, without Weblogs
    3. Incorporating weblogs on other pages of your website
    4. Keeping each weblog in separate directories
  6. Exporting your theme, and sharing it with the community

Part 3: Writing Extensions for PivotX

  1. The different types of Extensions
  2. Extension meta information
  3. Writing Snippet Extensions
  4. Writing Hook Extensions
  5. Writing Admin Interface Extensions
  6. Writing Widget Extensions
  7. Accessing PivotX data
    1. Working with Paths / Files
    2. Grabbing RSS / XML / JSON over the interwebs
    3. Accessing / Modifying settings
    4. Accessing Users
    5. Accessing Weblogs / Categories / Entries
    6. Accessing Pages
    7. Other / Special Data
  8. Sharing your Extensions with the community
  9. Translations in Pivotx

Part 4: Updating, Upgrading and Converting

  1. Upgrading from Pivot 1.x
  2. Converting a Wordpress site to PivotX


Appendix a: List of all Hidden Settings

Appendix b: All Template Tags

Appendix b-1: Tagcloud related Template Tags

Appendix c: Howtos - various snippets for special effects

Appendix d: Date formatting options

Appendix e: Troubleshooting PivotX

Appendix f: Frequently Asked Questions

Appendix g: Database Problems

Appendix h: Coding Standards

Appendix i: Variables and objects accessible to Extension Developers